Dulital Clinic for Pets Kfar-Saba

Dulital Clinic Kfar-Saba 077-4406645

Dulital Pet Clinic is located in 31 Tel Hai Street, Kfar-Saba (Israel).

The clinic is managed by Dr. Tal Mayer, veterinary, graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2006.

The clinic provides the following services:

  • *Complete general physical examinations

  • *Vaccines:

o   Pappies vaccine

o   Kittens vaccines

o   Dogs yearly vaccines

o   Cats yearly vaccines

o   Rabbis vaccines for dogs and cats

o   Kennel cough vaccines

  • *Injections for "Park Worm" prevention and "Park worm" disease

  • *Treatments for Gastrointestinal Worms

  • *Surgery service, spay, castration, tumors removal and more

  • *Dental treatments and cleanings

  • *Hospitalization

  • *Blood Lab, X-Ray and Ultrasound

  • *Home visits

  • *Emergency service 24/7

Other services:

  • *Fleas and Ticks prevention treatments (Advantage, Advantix, frontline, killtix and more)

  • *Veterinary medicines and products

  • *Clinical nutrition for dogs and cats

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